Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thiruvannamalai Girivalam Dates 2013 - Arunachalam Temple

Arunachaleswara Temple, the adode of Lord Shiva, located in Tiruvannamalai City, Tamilnadu State, India. Girivalam is the most important festival celebrates on Full Moon Day in every month.Thousands of Devotees perform Girivalam (Giri Pradakshina in Sanskrit, Girivalam in Tamil) around Arunachala (Holy hill) on the day of Full Moon. 

It is  believed that performing Girivalam removes all kinds of sins, restoration of Peace, Fulfilling Desires, freedom from re-birth and also giving deliverance through Jnana. The Complete Girivalam Calender for the year 2013 is as follows....

Girivalam Calender for the year 2013:
Month Girivalam Day Staring Date & Time Ending Date & Time
January 26-1-2013(Saturday) 26-1-2013(Sat) 9:40am 27-1-2013(Sun) 10:56am
February 25-2-2013(Monday) 25-2-2013(Mon) 2:54am 26-2-2013(Tue) 3:02am
March 26-3-2013(Wednesday) 26-3-2013(Wed) 4:49pm 27-3-2013(Thu) 3:38pm
April 25-4-2013(Thursday) 25-4-2013(Thu) 3:54am 26-4-2013(Fri) 2:10am
May 24-5-2013(Friday) 24-5-2013(Fri) 12:38am 25-5-2013(Sat) 12:38am
June 22-6-2013(Saturday) 22-6-2013(Sat) 8:01pm 23-6-2013(Sun) 5:32pm
July 22-7-2013(Monday) 22-7-2013(Mon) 3:01am 23-7-2013(Tue) 12:35am
August 20-8-2013(Tuesday) 20-8-2013(Tue) 10:19am 21-8-2013(Wed) 8:18am
September 18-9-2013(Wednesday) 18-9-2013(Wed) 7:03pm 19-9-2013(Thu) 5:40pm
October 18-10-2013(Friday) 18-10-2013(Fri) 5:00am 19-10-2013(Sat) 5:33am
November 16-11-2013(Saturday) 16-11-2013(Fri) 8:30pm 17-11-2013(Sun) 8:56pm
December 16-12-2013(Monday) 16-12-2013(Mon) 1:21pm 17-12-2013(Tue) 2:59pm
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