Monday, 3 June 2013

TTD Pournami(Full Moon Day) Srivari Garuda Seva Dates 2013-2014

Tirumala, the abode of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy. In every special occasions, the Lord gives darshan to the pilgrims by taking procession on various Vahanams along four temple streets. Among them Garuda Vahanam is the most important vahana(vehical) seva. 

Every year, TTD is being celebrated Garuda Vahana seva in the evening of the Fifth Day of annual Srivari Brahmotsavams during Navaratri Brahmotsavams. Apart from it, TTD is also celebrated Garuda Vahana Seva on the day of Pournami(Full Moon Day) in every month. 

SrivariCollections presents you the Garuda Vahana Seva Celebration Dates for the calendar year 2013-2014. The details are as follows...

Significance of Garuda Vahana Seva in Tirumala Temple: 
According to the ancient Hindu texts, Garuda, the king of birds, is a replica of the Vedas (vedatma vihamgeswara), while Lord Vishnu is the God of the Vedas. Therefore, the Lord sees Himself in Garuda. In the Vaishnava Puranas, Garuda is also called periyatiruvadi, meaning the first devotee. Therefore, Lord Venkateswara selected Garuda as his vehicle for the most important day of the Brahmotsavam. Garuda Vahana is the greatest of all the Vahanas. A large number of pilgrims visit the temple for darshan of Lord Venkateswara on Garuda Vahanam on that day. 

Garuda Vahana Seva Dates 2013-2014:
Garuda Seva Date Day
June 23, 2013 Sunday
July 22, 2013 Monday
August 21, 2013 Wednesday
September 19, 2013 Thursday
October 18, 2013 Friday
December 17, 2013 Tuesday
February 14, 2014 Friday

November 2013:  There is no Garuda Seva in the month of November 2013 due to Karthika Pournami on November 17, 2013(Sunday).

January 2014: Srivari Garuda Seva is not being celebrated in the month of January 2014 due to "Paruveta Utsavam Celebrations on January 16, 2014.

March 2014:  There will not be Srivari Garuda seva due to celebrations of Srivari Annual Teppotsavam 2014
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