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Lord Ganapathi Temple Kurudumale,Mulbagal - Kurudumale Temple Address

Lord Ganapathi
Kurudumale Temple is the abode of Lord Vinayaka Swamy. The Temple is famous for its huge Ganapathi Statue. Kurudumale is located about 10KM from Mulbagal Taluq, Kolar District, Karnataka State, India.
Legend of the Lord Ganesh Temple,Kurudumale
In Brahmanda Purana explains the Sthala Purana(History of the Place) of the Temple.It records the history of  the place in all the Three Previous Yugas.
In Kritha Yuga, Devathas(Demigods) came here and worshipped Lord Ganesha 

to grace them the boom to get rid of Tripurasura
In Treta Yuga, Lord Sri Rama visited this place and prayed for the power to demolish Ravana.
In Dwapara Yuga,Lord Sri Krishna came here to escape from Humiliation and disparagement in the case of Shamanthaka Mani(Diamond) when he was accused of stealing it. It is also said that while wandering in the forests Panadavas visited this temple and Worshipped Lord Vinayaka.
Kurudumale Temple Architecture 
Lord Ganapathi,Kurudumale Temple
Lord Vinayaka Temple of Kurudumale is an ordinary structure without any Embellishing Ornamental Architecture.The temple is spread over an area of about 200feetX100feet.The Temple has a Pushkarani in the North-East corner outside the temple compound.There is a Deepastamba in the Courtyard of the temple.A beautiful Mushika Vigraha is on a pedestal west of Balipita. The inscription available in the temple is being in Grantha Lipi(Tamil Language).The Garbha Griha is a huge one. The swamy is in the middle on a pedestal of 3feet. The Saligrama Shila Ganapati is of 12feet height.
Important Festival Celebrations
The Five day festival celebrates during Ganesh Chaturthi every year and this festival may stretches sometimes to 7 to 9 days. MahaRatha and Pushpa Pallaki sevas are the most important of the festival.
Other Temples at Kurudumale Village
There are Someswara Swamy Temple(Lord Shiva) and Kshamadambe Temple located in the Kurudumale village apart from Vinayaka Temple.The Someswara temple was built with rock without any base foundations.
Someswara Temple,Kurudumale Village  
How to Reach
Kurudumale village is situated about 110 kilometers from Banglore City.It is well connected from Mulgabal by road on Banglore-Kolar-Mulgabal NH4 Road
Route: Banglore-->Kolar-->Mulgabal--10km-->Kurudumale Temple