Wednesday 31 October 2012

TTD Srivari Ekanta Seva - How the Ekanta Seva is being Performed to Lord Venkateswara Swamy,Tirumala Temple

Lord Malayappa Swamy
TTD has decided to conduct all Sevas offering to Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy according to Vykanasa Agamana Sastram recently and came into effect from 8-10-2012.As a part of it,Srivari Ekantha Seva will be performed at 1:30am and temple remains closed after the Ekanta Seva. The main temple will reopens with Srivari Subrabhata Seva at 3:00am.
The article presenting here describes the activities being performed to Lord Venkateswara during Ekanta Seva in the main temple,Tirumala in brief. According to Vykanasa Agamana Sastram,Ekanta Seva will be conducted to Lord Venkateswara (Mula Virat) at Shayana Mandapam, opposite to Kulasekharapadi,inside the Main Temple,Tirumala. What is Ekanta Seva......Ekanta Seva is the last Seva performed to Lord Venkateswara among the daily sevas and Ekanta Seva is also called as 
Pavalimpu Seva.
During Ekantha Seva the following activities are being performed to Srivaru by the Preists
1. A cradle Golden Silk Cot(Bangaru Pattu Vuyala Mancham) will be arranged supported with silver chains from the roof and Silk Bed and Pillow will be placed on the cot.

2. Family members of Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba decorate the floor around the Golden Cot with Rangavalli.They presents Pearl(Mutyalu) Aarathi Plate to Yakamgi and come out from the temple.

3.In front of Sannidhi Golla Mancham(Golden Silk Cot),two Deepams will be lighten and after that two Akanda Deepams which were arranged for seeing Divya Mangala Swarupam of Lord Venkateswara(Mula Virat) will be put off.
Sri Annamayya Family Members singing song infront of Bogi Srinivasa Murthi during Ekanta Seva
4. Group of people(Mangala Vayudyakarulu) play Clarinet(Sannayi in Telugu Language,an instrument) and Instrumental Music pleasantly at Garuda Mandapam after closing the Bangaru Vakili with a curtain.

5.Temple Priests perform Upacharalu to Srivaru and Panchakajayam and Hot Milk will be offered to Lord Srinivasulu.Then Sugandha Bharitha Tambulam and Karupura Harathi will also be offered to Lord venkateswara Swamy.

6. Temple priests perform Namaskaram to Srivari Padalu(foot) and offer prayers to Boga Srinivasa Murthi[the silver image of the main deity(mula virat)] and call him to come and lie down onto the Golden Silk Cot arranged for sleeping. 

7. Priests place Lord Boga Srinivasa Murthi on the Cot keeping the head of Boga Srinivasa Murthi on the south side of the Golden Silver Cot.

8. Family members of Sri Tallapaka Annamayya sing a song " Jo Achuthanandha Jo Jo Mukkunda Lali Paramanandha Rama Govinda..." standing infront of Boga Srinivasa Murthi.

9. Finally after singing the song,offers Mutyala Harathi to Mula Virat and to Boga Srinivasa Murthi and the Bangaru Vakili is closed with Locks.

It is believed that Lord by listening this song enters into Yoga Nidra (Sleeping) and also believed that after closing of the temple,Demigods(Devathalu) will arrive and perform prayers to Lord Venkateswara Swamy.

Bogi Srinivasa Murthi(Silver Image of Mula Virat) occupies Golden Silk Cot for 11 months in a year and in the 12th month,Dhanurmasam(December-January),Lord Sri Krishna occupies the Golden Silk Cot to sleep.