Saturday 24 November 2012

Origin of Kumbh Mela, Legend of Kumbha Mela-Kumba Mela 2013 Bathing Dates

Kumba Mela represents all the great spiritual cultures of India and has gained international fame as "the world's Largest Act of Faith". In the year 2013, Maha Kumbh Mela will be celebrated at Allahabad(also known as prayag). 

Kumbh Mela has its own great significance Why? 

Let us know the origin/Legend of Kumbh Mela which was  described in the Vedic Literature's of India.

Origin of Kumbh Mela 
It is described in our Vedic Literature's that the Demigods(Devathalu in Telugu Language) and the Demons made a plan to churn the Milk Ocean (which lies in the Celestial region of the Cosmos) to produce the Nectar of Immortality and then they agreed to the Immortal Nectar equally once it was produced. 
For churing the milk ocean, the Mandara Mountain was used as the churning rod and VASUKI, the king of Serpants became the rope for churning. As the churning began, the mandara mountain began to sink deep into the ocean, at which time Lord Maha Vishnu incarnated as a Great Tortoise and supported the mountain on his back. With the demigods at Vasuki's tail and the Demons at his head, they churned the milk ocean for one thousand years. 

During the churning of the Milk Ocean, first produced a deadly Poison which Lord Shiva drank without being affected. After Lord Shiva drank the poison, numerous opulent items were produced. First a SUBRABHI COW appeared, who could yield unlimited quantities of Milk. A White Horse named Uccaihsrava was then produced as well as a White Elephant named AIRAVATAM. Then a valuable gem called KAUSTUBHA MANI appeared.Next come the Apsaras,beautiful dancing girls, and a host of other wonderful things appeared from the Milk Ocean. At last a male person named DHANVANTARI appeared carrying the pot of IMMORTAL NECTAR

The demigods, being fearful of what would happen if the Demons drank their share of the Nectar of Immortality,forcibly seized the pot. In a endeavor to keep the nectar from falling into the hands of the demons, the demigods hid it in four places on the earth, PRAYAG(Allahabad), Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik.

At each of the hidding places, a drop of Immortal Nectar spilled from the pot and landed on the Earth. These four places are since believed to have acquired Mystical Power.
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