Wednesday 16 January 2013

Srisailam Devasthanam Online Booking Procedure for Abhishekam/Pooja/Homam/Seva/Archana Tickets and Details

Srisailam Temple is the abode of Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy and Goddess Bhramaramba Devi. It is located on top of Nallamalai Hills, Srisailam, Kurnool District, AndhraPradesh.
The Unique feature of the temple is both JyothirLingam and Maha ShaktiPeetas are co-located at this Kshetram(Temple).

Sri Bhramarambha Mallikarjuna Vari Devasthanam has provided the facility for the Pilgrims to book the Pooja/Abhishekam/Homam/Archana/Seva Tickets through two ways
  • Online Booking System(in advance of maximum of 30days only)
  • Current Booking System at Srisailam Temple.
Minimum Requirements before applying for Online Pooja/Abhishekam/Seva tickets
  • A valid e-mail ID
  • Valid & running credit card/Debit card/Net-Banking facility/Cash Card.
Online Booking Procedure for Online Pooja/Abhishekam/Seva Tickets
Step1: Logon to
Step2: Click on "Online Booking" (available on the rightside of the webpage)

Step3: Click on "BOOK NOW"  Under Pooja Category for Abhisekam/Homam/Pooja/Archana Tickets  (or)
Step3a: Click on "BOOK NOW"  Under Abhishekam Category exclusively for Abhisekam Tickets  (or)
Step3b: Click on "BOOK NOW"  Under Saswatha Seva Category exclusively for Saswatha Seva Tickets.
Step4: Select the Pooja Name, Date, check the 'Terms and conditions' and then Click on "CONTINUE"
Step5: Fill the fields with correct data in "Confirm Booking details" webpage and then click on "BOOK NOW"
Step6: Select the payment type as per the availability and then click on "PROCEED"
Step7: Take the printout after completion of Payment and confirmation of the Ticket.

List of Available Pooja/Abhishekam/Homam/Archana/Sevas for Online Booking
Name of the Abhishekam/Pooja/Seva/ Homam/Archana Timings No of Persons Allowed Rate Online Booking Facility
Abhishekam at Sri Vurdha Mallikarjuna Swamy 6:30am to 1pm 1(or)2 Rs200 Available
ChandraLinga Abhishekam at ChandraLingam 6:30am to 1pm 1(or)2 Rs108 Available
Shasra Linga Abhishkam at ShasraLingeswara Swamy 6:30am to 1pm 1(or)2 Rs2500 Available
Special Abhishekam at Garbhalayam (Advanced/Online) 7am to 12pm (5 slots each of 1hr duration) 1(or)2 Rs1000 Available
Surya Linga Abhishekam at SuryaLingam 7:00am 1(or)2 Rs120 Available
Mahanyasa Puryaka Rudrabhishekam 7am to 9am 1(or)2 Rs2116 No
Ganapati Abhishekam 7:30am 1(or)2 Rs200 Available
Special Abhishekam at Garbhalayam        (Direct Booking) 8am to 1am & 6pm to 8:30pm 1(or)2 Rs600 Available
Maha Mrutyanjaya Abhishekam at Vrudha Mallikarjuna Swamy 11:30am to  1:30pm 1(or)2 Rs1116 Available
Ganapati Homam 7:30am 1(or)2 Rs350 Available
Rudra Homam 7:30am 1(or)2 Rs720 Available
Maha Mrutyanjaya Homama at Vrudha Mallikarjuna Swamy 8:30am 1(or)2 Rs508 Available
Navagraha Homama at Vrudha Mallikarjuna Swamy 9:30am 1(or)2 Rs508 Available
Chandi Homam 9:30am 1(or)2 Rs720 Available
Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja at Kumara Swamy 10:30am to 11:30am 1(or)2 Rs316 Available
Go Pooja 6:30am to 1pm 1(or)2 Rs120 Available
Kumkuma pooja at SriChakram 7:00am to 1pm 1(or)2 Rs250 Available
Balarista Pooja at kumaraSwamy 9:30am to 10:30am 1(or)2 Rs316 Available
Kumkuma Archana at Prakara Mandapam 7:00am to 1:00pm 1(or)2 Rs150 Available
Bilwarchana at Vrudha Mallikarjuna Swamy 11:00am 1(or)2 Rs2500 Available
Laksha Bilwarchana at Swami Garbhalayam 11:00am 1(or)2 Rs1116 No
Kalyanotsavam Seva 7:15pm 1(or)2 Rs500 Available
Ekanta Seva 9:30pm 1(or)2 Rs120 Available
SASWATHA(Life Time) Sevas
Saswatha MahanyasaPuryaka Rudrabhishekam at Vridha Mallikarjuna Swamy 1(or)2 Rs5000 Available
Saswatha Laksha Bilwarchana at Vridha Mallikarjuna Swamy 1(or)2 Rs20,000 Available
Saswatha Laksha Kumkuma Archana 1(or)2 Rs15,000 Available
Saswatha Kalyanam 1(or)2 Rs10,000 Available
Saswatha Ubhayam (During Ugadi & Dusseshra Festivals Only) 1(or)2 Rs20,000 Available
Saswatha Prasada Vitharana 1(or)2 Rs1116 Available
Note: Pilgrims those who are booked the tickets for 1) Laksha Bilwachana and 2) Mahanyasa Purvaka Rudrabhishekam have to contact the Temple Authorities two days in Advance.