Tuesday 12 March 2013

Saraswati River Pushkaralu(Pushkar) 2013 in India

Upated on May 8, 2013 The Saraswati River Pushkararam is a holy festival celebrated for once in 12 years in India. The 12 day Saraswati River pushkarams celebrations begin on May 31, 2013(Friday) at 7:17am and ends on June 11, 2013(Tuesday). For once in 12 years, Saraswati Pushkaralu takes place when Bruhaspati(Jupiter/Gurudu) enters into Mithuna(Gemini) Rasi. This time Saraswati Pushkaram begins on Vysaka Bahula Saptami May 31, 2013(Friday). 

According to the Hindu Mythology on this auspicious date and time all gods and also Pushakara take a dip in the river of Saraswati. It is believed that all the sins will be lost by taking holy bath in the Saraswati river during this auspicious time.

The origin of the ancient river Saraswati is in the Siwalik range of hills between the rivers Sutlej and the Yamuna. The Siwalik Hills belong to the lower Himalaya Group of Mountains in north-eastern India. The rivers Hakra(in Pakistan) and the Ghaggar(in India) have been identified as the lost Saraswati.The Saraswati river is mentioned in the Vedic texts namely Rig Veda ans was considered as one of the holiest rivers.

There are not many records about this river as it is believed to be evaporated into the desert region in Rajasthan. At present the ancient river Saraswati is no more existence on earth. The Ghaggar-Hukra was the Saraswati relic which was accepted by many archaeologists.

The Saraswati Pushakaram 2013 is celebrated in Uttarpradesh, Gujarat, Haryana and Rajasthan States in India.