Friday 22 March 2013

TTD Angapradakshinam Tickets Issuing Place & Reporting Timings

Updated on 25-1-2014: Angapradakshinam is a kind of Prayer offered to Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy, Tirumala, where the Pilgrims lie prostrate and then roll around the temple with wet clothes. It is performed in the Vimana Pradakshinam, one of the pathway around the temple.
Pilgrims who wish to undertake Angapradakshinam will have to bathe in the Swami Pushkarani, located beside the main temple.

It is believed that Anga Pradakshina is the best way of fulfilling one's prayers among four kind of prayers named as "AngaPradakshinam", "Offering of Hair(Tonsure)", "Trekking the Lord 7 Hills on bare foot" and "performance of Kalyanotsavam" to the Lord.

Angapradakshina Tickets Issuing Place & Timings:
The tickets are issued at 14:00hrs in Central Reciption office(CRO), Tirumala with a maximum quota of 750 tickets on every day. These seva tickets are issued only at Tirumala on all the days in a week except on Thursday (for performing Angapradakshina on Friday).

Tickets will be issued one day before for the next day angapradakashina.(eg: Pilgrims who are wish to perform Angapradakshinam on Sunday, should take the tickets on the previous day(Saturday) at 14:00hrs @ CRO,Tirumala).

Angapradakshinam Reporting Place & Timings:
Angapradakshinam Ticket Holders should report at 1:00am(midnight) at SUPADAM(near Vaikuntam -I Queue Complex),Tirumala.
After performing Angapradakshinam, Angapradakshinam Ticket Holders will be allowed for Srivari Darshan except on Fridays, due to Abhishekam to the Lord.

For more details conatct TTD call centre:  0877-2277777/2233333