Friday 3 May 2013

History and Significance of the Badrinath Temple(Mandir) - Important Places in and around Badarinath, Uttaranchal, India

Badrinath is the abode of Lord Maha Vishnu. It is one of the four dhams in four directions of India. The presiding deity of the temple is Badrinarayan(also called as Badri Vishal). The temple is situated between the two mountain ranges of "Nar" and "Narayana" with the Neelkanth peak in the background. The temple statnds in a beautiful valley on the bank of river Alkananda in the Himalayan heights in the Garhwal Hill in the Chamoli district in Uttaranchal, India.
The name Badrinath is derived from the word "BADRI". Badri is a tree from which "Berries" grow in abundance in this area. 

History of the Sri Badrinarayana Mandir, Badrinath
In the 8th century "Jagath Guru Shri Adi Shankaracharya" founded the idol of Badrinarayan  and restored this ancient Badrinath idol from the Narad Kund and consecrated it in a cave near Tapt Kund(It is the hot water spring with natural curative properties believed to be abode of Lord Agni faces the shrine). 
The pilgrims take a holy dip in the Tapt Kund before entering into the main temple. The present temple was built by Garhwal rulers in the 16th century and they moved the main deity to the present temple.

Description & Significance of the Temple:
Shri Badrinarayan and other idols in Garbha Griha, Badrinath
Lord Badrinarayan, the presiding deity of the temple is armed with Shankh(Coch) and Chakra in two arms in the lifted posture and two arms rested on the lap in Yogamudra. The principal image is of made up of Black Salagram and it represents Lord Vishu seated in meditative pose. On the left side of the main deity Goddess Lakshmi, Nara and Narayan are situated and on the right side of the Badrinarayan, Kubera,  are seated. 
The idol of Narada Maharshi is located opposite to the main deity and beside it the silver idol of Garuda is situated here. 

The temple was built on "SUDHARSHAN CHAKRAM" and therefore the temple always glows with spiritual power. Holy Deepam is enlighten in the Garbha Griha through out the year. In the temple the daily puja's, naivedyam and rituals are being offered to the lord by the priests belong to the caste of Nambrudri of Kerala State.

Important Holy Places in and aroung Badrinath:
Alakananda, The holy river 
The other shrines dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu near Badrinath temple are 1)Yogadhyan Badri, 2)Bhavishya Badri, 3)Bridha BAdri and 4)Adi Badri.
There are number of pilgrimage places along the route to Badrinath Temple such as PANCH PRAYAG named as 1)Deo Prayag, 2)Rudra Prayag, 3) Karna Prayag, 4)Nanda Prayag and 5)Vishnu Prayag and Pandukeshwar temple.
Alakanda River(situated opposite to the main temple), Tapt Kund(a place of Hot Spring water)