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12 Jyothirlingas: Shri BhimaShankar Temple Address and Contact Telephone Numbers. Mandir Route Guide Map and Directions

Sri BhimaShankar Temple, an ancient shrine enshrining one of the twelve(12) Jyothirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. The BhimaShankar temple got its name from river Bhima, the holy place where the river Bhima originates.  

Shri Kshetra BhimaShankar Jyothirlinga is situated at a height of 3200feet above sea level on Sahyadhri hills, in the village of Bhavagiri, 50km northwest of Khed Taluk, Pune district, Maharastra, India.

Shri BhimaShankar Temple Address:
Shri Kshetra Bhimashankar,
Via - Dimbhe Colony,
Khed Taluk,
Pune District,
Maharastra, India
Pincode: 410509
email ID:

Sri BhimaShankara Mandir Contact Telephone Numbers:
1) 09421057723  and 2) 09970045972

How to reach Shri Kshetra BhimaShankar Temple, Pune:
The holy temple is located at about 128km from the city of Pune and 223km from Mumbai.

a) By Bus: Direct Buses are available from Pune and Mumbai.
Bus Route
Route Map Directions
Route1 Pune -> Rajguru Nagar -> Manchar -> Taleghar -> BhimaShankar 125km
Route2 Mumbai -> Talegaon -> Chakan -> Manchar->Taleghar->BhimaShankar 240km
Route3 Nasik ->  Manchar -> Taleghar -> BhimaShankar Temple 215km

b) Nearest Railway Station: Pune, Maharastra State, India.

c) Nearest Airport: Pune, Maharastra State, India

Route Map(Via Pune, Mumbai and Nasik):

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