Tuesday 3 December 2013

Sabarimala: Frequently Asked Questions on Virtual Q Online Booking for Quick Darshan during Mandalapooja & Makaravilakku Period

Sabarimala Online Virtual Q Booking is opened for Mandala Makaravilakku Season 2013-2014. This Online Virtual Q coupon booking started on October 15, 2013 and will be opened upto January 18, 2014.

The Sabarimala Virtual Q Online Booking System was developed and maintained by Kerala Police to serve the pilgrims during   MandalaPooja & Makaravilakku Period.

Using this online Virrtual Q booking system, Pilgrims can select the date and time of joining the queue in advance subject to the availabilty of hourly slots. It is completely a Online system and an absolutely free service.

To book a preferred slot, Pilgrims need to signup(register) in the website www.sabarimalaq.com with their e-mail ID or Mobile Number and should complete the profile before booking a slot.

What is Sabarimala Virtual Q Portal? 
www.sabarimalaq.com is the Virtual Q portal developed and managed by Kerala Police to help pilgrims to create a slot by selecting a date and time for their pilgrim. On the selected time they can arrive at Pampa and enter into the direct Queue without waiting much. This will help the devotees to plan their pilgrim time on an advanced basis as per the available slots. Devotees with advance time slot booked will get entry without being in queue till 'Nadapanthal' and hence its assured that no waiting period is required for darshan. At Pampa Kerala Police will verify the Coupon and Photo ID card to ensure that only pre-registered pilgrims are allowed through this Queue. 

Devotees can visit the web site www.sabarimalaq.com and search for availability by providing the number of devotees and month like to visit. There is an option to choose a specific time of visit (Morning / Day / Evening / Night) also. On submission, site will show the available days of month in 'Green' colour. Devotees can choose their desired date of visit by click on the calender date. This will show the time slots available. 

To register the slot, you have to create your profile first. Sign up and complete the user profile creation, then select a booking slot and confirm booking. You can directly print the coupons generated, also the coupon will be sent to the email ID. Devotees need to provide the mandatory details like Name, Address with PIN, Gender, Age, Photo ID and ID Number. It is desirable if they can provide the Contact (Telephone or Mobile) numbers and email though its not mandatory. A recent photograph (permitted size not more than 30kB) should be uploaded to complete the registration for issuance of Coupon. 

Do I have to pay for the Coupon? 
Absolutely No! Kerala Police is providing this services free of cost to devotees, though it need investment for developing and maintaining this facility. To meet the expenses, kerala Police solicit Advertisements to be published on this portal, which suits with the decorum of the portal and sanctity of Sabarimala. 

Should I need to Register in the site to get the Coupon? 
To book a slot, you must register on this portal first. Without registering you can search for the availability. Better you create your profile by registering on the site, it will help to book the slots anytime you may wish to. 

How to know if there are slots available for a particular day? 
Availability of the slots are based on the number of devotees. You have to visit www.sabarimalaq.com and provide the number of devotees and month you like to visit. Then you can view the current availability. The new slots will be opened on every 15 days. When the Slots for a duration is completely booked, the next 15 days slots will be opened. 

Is this slot booking facility open only for Manadalakalam only or throughout the year? 
This facility will be available only for the main Pilgrim period (Mandalapooja - approximately from November 15 to December 26) and Makaravilakku - approximately from December 30 to January 14). 

Who can book a slot? 
The booking of the advance queue is opened to all other than ladies female devotees of age between 10 and 50. Due to the rituals, ladies within this age are not allowed to visit the temple and hence coupons are not issued to this particular age group. 

What documents should I need to book a slot? 
You should have your recent photograph with a maximum file size of 30 KB. All devotees above 18 years of age must have a photo identity card issued by Government or allied institutions. Accepted ID cards icludes PAN Card, Electoral ID Card, Passport, Driving License and Aadhar Card. School/College ID card also are accepted. 

What documents should I carry when going for Darshan? 
You must carry the coupon and the originl of the ID card given at the time of creating the coupon. What is the maximum time limit upto which the slots can be booked? The limit of the reserve time will vary based on the real time submission time and other settings. 

How early does the booking for a slot start? 
Booking slots will be open one month before for a week. Example: Slots of November 20-27 will be open October 20th. 

How to take the print outs of Coupon? 
When you submit all the details, system will prepare the coupon and a button for printing the coupon. You can also download the coupon to print it in future. If you have logged in while creating the coupon, system will mail the coupon in pdf format and you can print the coupon from the group booking page. 

Does slot booking assure Darshan? 
The coupon with a valid time for Darshan will help you reach the 'Nadappanthal' at Sannidhanam without much hassles of being in log queues. Volunteers will guide you through a reserved road to reach sannidhanam. 

Can I make corrections to a booked slot? 
No. Currently the system is not not permitted make any modification or editing to the previously entered data. If entered any thing wrong by mistake, its suggested to cancel the existing one and create a new one. 

Can I modify the Token to somebody else's name? 
No. Coupon generated for one person cannot be modified. At Checking point, Devotee will be verified with the photo ID card and Photograph uploaded. 

Can I change the time and/or date of a Booked slot? 
No. You have to cancel the existing token and book a new one. How to cancel a Booked slot/Token? Cancel a Coupon facility is available by log-in to the SabarimalaQ.com. 

What if I forget my Password? 
If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can request for a new password by clicking the 'Lost your Password?' link in the Login form. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset the password. 

How to make a Group Booking? 
A Registered user can do the 'Group Booking' from his profile. To do group booking, select the 'Group Booking' button from the 'My Groups' menu and proceed with booking. 

What is the maximum number of persons allowed for a Group Booking? 
Group booking size may vary from time to time based on the managerial decisions. But the allowed count may not exceed more than 60 at any point of time 

What if I lost my Coupon? 
The coupon is must and without producing the coupon and the ID card submitted at the time of booking, you will not be allowed to enter the VirtualQ. If you have already generated a coupon, you can print copies from the email, or by entering the number of coupon and date, you can retrieve the coupon booked.


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While booking a slot Gender mistake happened, in place of female selected male , what will happen? Will they allow for darshanam?

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Can I visit another date from my booking date