Saturday 1 February 2014

Medaram Jatara: Significance & Importance of Sammakka Sarakka (Saralamma) Jathara.

Medaram Samakka Sarakka Jatara is a Tribal Festival being celebrated in Medaram Village. The village is located in Tadvai Mandal at a distance of 110KM from Warangal city, State of Telangana, India. 

This tribal Jatara(mela) is celebrated once in two years in the month of Magha (January/February) for a period of 4 days. 

This year 2014, the festival begins on February 12, 2014(Wednesday) and ends on February 15, 2014(Saturday).

Importance of ALL days  in Sammakka Sarakka Medaram Jatara:

 Day 1: 
The First Day of Medaram Jatara is celebrated as the arrival of Goddess Sarakka. Sarakka will be brought from Kanneboyina Palli( a neighbouring village in the forest) in the evening and placed on Gadde, the Sanctum Sanctorum of this Jatara.

2nd Day of Samakka Saralamma Jatara is being celebrated as the arrival of Goddess SAMMAKKA, the presiding deity of Medaram Jathara. The Goddess will be brought from Chilukala Gutta in the evening and will be placed on Holy Gadde. 
Normally, the Goddess is in the form of Vermilion(Kumkuma in Telegu).

There are two Gadde's (an earthen platform raised under the tree) separately one for Goddess SAMMAKKA and other for Goddess SARAKKA. The Tribal priest brings Bamboo Sticks and placed on Gadde. The Goddess are represented by Bamboo Sticks smeared with Turmeric(Goddess Sarakka) and Vermilion(Goddess Samakka).

Day3: The most important day of the Jatara. On this holy day, Magha Suddha Pournima, the Goddess SAMMAKKA SARALAMMA Darshan is available to Devotees. Devotees perform holy bath in "Jampanna Vaggu"( It is a tributary to river Godavari) and visit the Goddess to seek blessings of Goddess Sammakka and Saralamma.

Day4: The final day of the Jatara - On this last day, the deities are taken back into the forest to the Goddess original places. This ceremony is called as VANAPRAVESHAM.

Significance of Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jathara:
  • Medaram Samakka Saralamma Jatara is a tribal festival.
  • This is a festival with no Vedic or Brahmanic influence.
  • It is a State Festival of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Devotees offer Bangaram(Jaggery) of a quantity equal to their weight to the Goddess.
  • It is the World's Largest Tribal Festival. After KUMBHA MELA, Medaram Jathara is the largest religious congregation in the World.
  • The Jatara is being celebrated once in two years(Bi-annual) in the month of Magha(January/February) for a period of 4 days.

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