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Kundala Sangama Shri Sangameshwar(Shiva) Temple, Karnataka. History, Significance and Address of Shree Sangamanatha Temple

Kundalasangama Kshetra is the abode of Shree Sangameshwara(Lord Shiva). The main deity of temple Lord Sangameshvara (or) Sangamanatha is in the form of Lingam(Lord Shiva). The renovated temple of Sangameshwara is situated on the river bank at the confluence of the Krishna and the Malaprabha rivers in Kundala Sangama.

The temple consists of a Main Shrine, Navaranga and Porch. The other idols of the temple are Nandi, Lord Ganapathi and Guru Basaveshvara Samadhi(known as Lord Basavanna) and Saint Neelambika Samadhi (wife of Guru Basavanna) located in the Navaranga.
Significance & History of the Temple:
According to the temple inscriptions, this ancient and holy Shri Sangameshwara mandir was built 800 years ago. The temple is of Chalukya style. The temple is located in a village Kundala Sangama (formerly was known as Kappadi Sangama or Koodala Sangama). Shri Sangameshwara temple is also known as Shree Sangamanatha Temple. The temple is under the control of " The Kundala Sangama Development Board" for  maintenance and development.
Vishwa Guru Shri Basaveshwara:
Lord Basavanna, the great prophet and social reformer was born in Bagewadi, a small village in Bijapur district in North Karnataka also called as Ingaleshwara Bagewadi. It is believed that He was an incarnation of Nandi, Lord Shiva's greatest devotee.  He was the founder of Lingayat faith along with the Linga. The Aikya Mantapa or Samadhi of Guru Basavanna is located here.

On the occasion of Basava Kranthi Day, "Sharana Mela" is celebrated in the month of January in every year since 1988. Many thousands of devotees are witnessed this mega event.

Shri Sangameshvara Temple Address, Kundala Sangama:
Shree Sangameshvara Temple,
Kundala Sangama Village,
Hungund Taluk,
Bagalkot district,

How to Reach Shree Sangameshvara Temple:
  • The temple is located at about 15km from Almatti Dam and 45km from Bagalkot district.
  • The temple is well connected by road. Direct buses are available from all major places of Karnataka state. It is about a distance of 450km from Bangalore
  • By Rail: The nearest railway station is Almatti and Badami. 
  • By Air: The nearest Airport is Bangalore.

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