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Basara Sri Gnana Saraswathi Devasthanam Address & History. Important Festival Celebrations in Basara Temple

Basara, the temple town is the abode of "Sri Gnana Saraswathi Devi". The presiding deity of the temple is in a seated position holding a "Veena"(వీణా) in Her hands and bedecked with Turmeric. Goddess Lakshmi stands beside Goddess Gnana Saraswathi in the sanctum sanatorium(గర్భగుడి).  The temple is located on the banks of river Godavari in Basara, Adilabad. Basara Temple is traditionally famous for "Akshara Bhyasam (అక్షరాభ్యసం) on the day of Vasantha Panchami.

The other deities of the temple are Goddess Mahakali, Papahareswar and Pathaleswar and idol of Veda Vyasa Maharshi.Goddess Saraswathi is the consort of Lord Brahma. Sri Saraswathi Devi is the Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and Learning. The Goddess represents Shakthi, Creativity and Inspiration. 
Important Festivals in Basara Temple:
Festival/Utsavam Date of Celebration
Vasantha Panchami on the 5th day of bright fortnight of Magha month (January/February)
Maha Shivaratri Utsavam The Mahashivarathri festival starts on the day of "MahaShivaratri" and continues for 3 days
Dasara Festival (Devi Navaratrulu) Begins on Shudda Padyami in the month of Asawani and ends on the day of Navami
Vyasa Pournami This festival is celebrated on the day of Ashada Pournami (July/August)
AksharaByasam Most famous ritual being celebrated on the day of Vasantha Panchami

Basara Temple Legend & History:
1) After the Mahabharata war, Maharshi Vyasa(father of "Sakuni"(శకుని)) and his disciples embarked on a pilgrimage. He reached Dandaka forest(దండకారణ్యం) in the Kumaranchala Hills on the banks of river Godavari. He pleased the serene atmosphere of this region and decided to stay here. Vyasa Maharashi used to bring three fistful of sand from the river Godavari and place it in three small heaps as images of Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess MahaKali with His mystic power.
Goddess Saraswathi appeared before Him and blessed Him. Thereafter He started offering prayers and performing pooja's to the three divine deities in the Holy place.

2) According to Brahmandapuranam(బ్రహ్మండ పురాణం), the Sage Valmiki installed the idol of Goddess Saraswathi and wrote the Ramayanam, the great Hindu epic.
History of Basara Temple:
As per the temple history, "Bijialudu", a king of Karnataka ruled the province of Nandagiri with Naded as his capital in 6th century. He constructed the temple at Basara.
The structural designs of the temple dates back to the "Chaluka Period".The unique feature of the temple is that there are no carvings.
The temple town Basara is formerly known as "Vyasapuri"  and "Vasara". 

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Temple Address & Contact Details:
Sri Gnana Saraswathi Devasthanam,
Basara Village,
Mudhole Mandal,
Adilabad - 504101,
Telangana State, India.

How to Reach to Basara Temple:
The temple town is well connected by Bus and by Train.
Distance from various locations to Basara Temple....
Nizamabad 40KM
Nirmal(Adilabad) 70KM
Hyderabad 210KM
Mumbai 800KM
Nanded 115KM
Bengaluru 780KM
Chennai 930KM
Adilabad 155KM

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