Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mahavira Jayanthi (Birth Anniversary of Jain Mahaveera) date in 2015

Mahavir Jayanthi is the most important religious day in Jainism. Jains celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahavira on the thirteen day of rising moon of Chaitra Masam(March/April) in every year as per Lunar Calendar. Mahavir Jayanthi also known as Mahavir Janma Kalyanak.  On this holy day, Jain temples are well decorated with flags. Special worships, and processions are performed. Bhajans, Cultural programs are also conducted with great pomp.

Bhagawan Mahavira Jayanthi is being celebrated on April 2, 2015(Thursday) in this year 2015.
About Mahaveera(Founder of Jainism):
Mahavira was born to Siddartha(King of Kandinyapura, near patna, Bihar) and Trishala Devi on the thirteen day of rising moon of Chaitra Masam(March/April) in 599BC. He was the greatest and last Thirthankara among 24 Theerthankara(Jain Prophets). 

Mahavir is a human being who achieves enlightenment and becomes a role model to the world by His valuable preachings. He showed the path of non-violence and peace. 

Mahavir left his mortal at the age of 71 on the day of Deepawali(Festival of Lights) in 528BC

Jains celebrate Mahavira Jayanthi(birth anniversary of Mahaveer) and Mahaveer Nirvanotsav(the anniversary of his liberation) with great religious methodology. 

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