Saturday 11 April 2015

Shri Hanuman(Sri Anjaneya Swamy) Jayanthi 2015 Celebrations

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi commemorates the birth of Lord Hanuman Ji. Shri Hanuman Jayanti is an important festival for the Hindus in India. Hanuman Jayanthi is supreme to all God's Jayanthi. It is believed that worship of Lord Hanuman removes all sorts of troubles, cures all diseases and gives courage & happiness in the life. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of true devotion, strength, energy and power

Religious Observance & Importance of  Hanuman Jayanthi:
On this auspicious day special puja's are performed in Temples of Lord Hanuman and Lord ShriRam with great devotion. The most important offerings made to Lord Hanuman are Vermillion powder(Sindhoor), garlands of arka leaves, arka flowers, betel leaves During the day, devotees recites  Hanuman Chalisa, Shri Anjaneya Dandakam with great devotion to fulfill their desires.

Lord Shani Bhagawan gives a boon to Lord Hanuman by saying that who ever worships Lord Anjaneya Swamy on saturdays would be saved from his anger.

The Birth Story of Lord Hanuman:
According to Hindu Mythology, Bhruhaspati(The Sun planet) has an attendant called "Punjakasthala" who is cursed to assume the form of a female monkey, a curse that could be nullified only if she would give birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. She reborn as "Anjana" and performs intense austerities to please Lord Shiva who grants Her the boon that would cure her curse. 

The demigod Agni(The God of Fire) gives a bowl of divine dessert to King Dasartha to share among his wives so that they may have divine children. At that time, an eagle takes away a part of dessert swiftly and suddenly drops it where Anjana is meditating. The demigod Pavana, the God of Wind, delivers the drop to her outstretched hands. After she takes the dessert, she gives birth to Lord Hanuman. Thus Lord Shiva incarnates as a monkey and is born as Lord Hanuman to Anjana by the blessings of demigod Pavana. 

Lord Hanuman Himself considered an incarnination of Rudra respresenting the 13th form of Rudra.

Shri Hanuman: Symbol of Pure Love and Selfless 
Lord Hanuman was born to Wind God "Vayu Dera" and Anjani Devi". It is believed that He is an incarnation or pure reflection of Lord Shiva.  He is a great devotee of Lord Shriram. He is a true KarmaYogi as He serves Lord Rama with pure Love and devotion. He is the living embodiment of the power of  "Shri RamaNamam(శ్రీ రామ నామం).
Thus the Lord is called as an Ideal Selfless devotee.
Different Names of Lord Hanuman:
Lord Hanuman is also known as Pavanaputra(Son of Wind), Anjaneya, Maruthi, Bajrangbali(strong as thunder, fast as lightning), Mahavir, Viranjaneya, Abhayanjaneya, Bhaktanjaneya, Prasananjaneya, Sankat Mochan and Shri Rama Bhakta Hanuman .
Shree Hanuman Jayanthi Celebration Dates 2015:
The Lord Jayanthi festival is being celebrated at different times in different places. 
Shri Hanuman Jayanthi Celebration Day
2015 Dates & Day
All other States of India Full Moon day of the the month of Chaitram (March/April) April 4, 2015 (Saturday)
Andhrapradesh & Telangana Tenth day of the dark fortnight of the month Vaishaka (April/May) May 13, 2015 (Wednesday)

Amavasya Day of the Margazhi(December/January) January 10, 2016 (Sunday)
Odhisa 1st day of  the month Baishaka (April/May) April 19, 2015 (Sunday)


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