Wednesday 2 January 2013

Kumbh Mela 2013:Mela Administration Important Contact Numbers, Allahabad

Maha Kumbha Mela 2013 celebration begins from January 14, 2013(Monday) to March 10, 2013(Sunday) at Triveni Sangam, Allahabad, Uttarpradesh, India. It represents all the Great Spiritual Cultures of India and one of the Largest Religious gathering in the World. It is expected that nearly 100 million people will gather to take a holy bathing on the shores of the Ganga and the Yamuna for this religious event. 

Government of Uttarpradesh has made elaborate arrangements at all levels and also setup Mela Administration Team for peaceful conduction of Great Kumbh Mela 2013.  The Mela Administration Contact Numbers are...

Important Mela Administration Contact Numbers
S. No. Name Post Mobile Telephone no.
1 Sri Devesh Chaturvedi Commissioner, Allahabad
2250800,2250900, 2640196 (fax);
2 Sri Alok Sharma I.G. Allahabad
2424630 (fax)
3 Sri Rajsekhar District Magistrate, Allahabad 9454417517 2250300,2250400, 2640290(fax);
4 Sri Mani Prasad Mishra Mela Officer (Fair Officer)
2500791, 2500775, 22103608, 22103609, 2509430(fax);
5 Sri Mohit Agarwal S.S.P. (Allahabad) 9454400196 2500170, 2698058(fax)
6 Sri R.K.S. Rathore S.S.P.( Kumbh Mela) 9454400196 2500170, 2698058(fax)
7 Sri Atal Kumar Regional Food Officer 9451848562 2615048(off/fax)
8 Sri Ashutosh Kumar Diwedi Additional Mela Officer 9415531989 2500791, 2509430(fax)
9 Sri Satish Kumar Sharma Additional Mela Officer 9412378375 2500791, 2509430(fax)
10 Sri Krishna Regional Food Marketing Officer 9454187669 2615048(Off/Fax)
11 Sri Om Prakash Srivastava Manager, Kumbh Mela 9918105791 2500791, 2509430(fax)
12 Sri Ram Kumar Shukla Asst. Manager, Kumbh Mela 9721111105 2500791, 2509430(fax);
13 Sri Laxmi kant mishra Additional Asst Manager 9450629366 2500791, 2509430(fax)
15 Sri Kishori lal Gupta Mela Ameen 9936449507
16 Sri Harikant Pandey Supervisor 9651545621
17 Sri Ramesh Chandra Ojha Supervisor 9450309013
18 Sri Ranjeet Prasad Singh Supervisor 9450591820
19 Sri Om prakash Yadav Supervisor 9415633790
20 Sri Ambesh Kumar Tripathi Supervisor 9415616254
21 Sri Prem Kumar Singh Supervisor 9452110299
22 Sri Bal Krishna Dubey Supervisor 9450605455