Wednesday 26 June 2013

Mahanandi: History & Significance of Mahanandeeswara Swamy(Lord Shiva) Temple.

Mahanadi Temple is the abode of Sri Mahanandeeswara Swamy(Lord Shiva) and Goddess Sri Kameswari Devi. Lord Mahanandeeswara, the presiding deity of the temple is in the form of Shiva Lingam. This holy temple is situated in Mahanandi village in the east of the Nallamala Hills near Nandyal, Kurnool District, Andhrapradesh, India. 

History of the Mahanandi Temple:
According to the available inscriptions of 10th century the temple was being repaired and re-built several times.The Vimana Gopuram over the Sanctum Sanctorum is of Chola Style constructed with Sand Stone. The architecture of the Pushakarani in front of Garbha Griha shows the skill of the Viswakarma Brahmins.

It is said that the SriChakra in front of the main deity of the temple was installed by Sri Adi Shankara.

Significance of Sri Mahanandeeswara Swamy Temple, Mahanandi:
The most significance of the temple is its sacred water pools known as PUSHKARNI's. There are three pushkarani's which are located within the temple compound. Among them the pushkarni infront of the Garbhagriha is called as RUDRA GUNDAM. The water in the pushkarani is crystal clear.

The other two pushkarani's are situated at the entrance of the main temple which are called as VISHU GUNDAM and BRAHMA GUNDA.

The uniqueness of the Pushkarani is that the depth of water level is maintained at constant of 5feet in all the days irrespective of the natural seasons. It is believed that the spring water flows underneath the Shiva Lingam(the main deity of the temple) in the Garbha griha and falls in the main pushkarani. There is an outlet in this pushkarani from which water comes out and falls into other two pushakarani's. 

It is believed that the spring water has its own significant for medical value which cures several diseases.  This spring water is mainly used for irrigation purpose in and around the temple village.

Important Annual Festival Celebrations of Mahanandi Mandir:
The most important annual festivals which being celebrated in the temple are MAHA SHIVARATRI Brahmotsavams, KARTHIKA POURNAMI & KARTHIKA MAHOTSAVAM. The other festivals are Ugadi Utsavam, Srirama Navami, Vinayaka Chavati, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Paruveta Utsavam and more monthly(masa) festivals.