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Valmikipuram Sri PattabhiRama Swamy Temple Address and Timings History & Significance of Sri Pattabi Ramalayam, Vayalpadu

Valmikipuram Temple is the abode of Sri Pattabhi Rama Swamy with his consort Goddess Sita Devi. The other deities of the temple are Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Sri Lakshmana Swamy, Sri Bharata and Shri Shatrughna. The Lord SriRama, the main deity of the temple has sword in his hand and hence the Lord SriRama here is called as "Pratapa Rama". 

Sri PattabhiRama Swamy Temple Address, Valmikipuram:
Sri PattabiRamalayam Temple is located at a distance of 100KM from tirupati town (Tirupati-Madanapalle Route).  
Sri Pattabhi Ramalayam,
Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh.

Sri PattabhiRama Swamy Temple Timings & Contact Details:
The temple is opened at 6:00am in the morning and closed 8:00pm in the evening all the days in a year. The temple contact telephone number is 08586-272023.

Temple History of Sri Pattabhi Ramalayam, Valmikipuram:
  • According to the temple inscriptions, this ancient temple was built by Lord Jambavantha in Treta Yuga as a mark of his respect towards Lord Sri Rama. 
  • Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD) had taken the administrative control of the temple on February 23, 1997(Sunday) and thereafter it has been organizing all religious events in a grand manner in every year.
  • As per the Agama Shastram, Maha Samprokshana was performed to the Lord on August 12, 2005(Friday) after completion of Jeernodharana and Temple renovation works.
  • Formerly the temple town was known as VAYALPADU and now it was renamed as VALMIKIPURAM
Sri PattabhiRama Swamy Temple Annual Festivals:
  1. Brahmotsavams: Sri PattabhiRama Swamy Annual Brahmotsavams will be celebrated in the month of Chaitra Masam (March/April) in every year. It is an ongoing tradition that The Lord annual brahmotsavams begin 3 days before SriRama Navami and complete 5 days after SriRama Navami and are celebrated for a period of 9 days. 
  2. Abhisheka Darshan: On the day of Vaikunta Ekadasi
  3. Vaikunta Dwara Darshan: On the day of Vaikunta Dwadasi.
  4. Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam: On the day of DASAMI ASHLESHA(Birth Star of Goddess Sita Devi) in the bright fortnight of CHAITRA MASAM(March/April) in a year. 

Uniqueness of Sri SitaRama Kalyana Mahotsavam in Sri PattabhiRamalayam:

Every year, Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam is performed on the day of NAVAMI PUNARVASU(birth star of Lord Rama) in the month of CHAITRA(March/April) across the world. This auspicious day is known as SRI RAMA NAVAMI. But in this ancient temple,  Sri SitaRama Swamy Kalyanam is celebrated on Chaitra Masa Shukla Dasami Ashlesha Day(birth star of Goddess Sita Devi)

TTD Valmikipuram Temple Annual Brahmotsavams Dates 2014:

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