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TTD Tirumala Temple Monthly/Annual Festival Calendar Dates 2015

The ancient and Sacred Temple of Sri Venkateswara Swamy is located on the Seventh Peak, called as Venkatachala Hill of the Tirumala Hills. Every moment in Tirumala Temple is considered as a Festive Occasion. In this holy place, Daily Sevas, Weekly Sevas, Monthly Sevas and Annual Sevas/Festival are being performed to Lord Venkateswara Swamy in a grand manner. 

SrivariCollections presents you the various Monthly/Annual Festival dates which are being celebrated in Srivari Temple, Tirumala in the year 2015.Click on respective "name of festival" to know the significance of Srivari festivals in Tirumala Temple.
Tirumala Temple Annual Festival Calendar Dates 2015:
Name of the Annual Festival Festival Dates in Tirumala Temple

From To
Vaikunta Ekadasi January 1, 2015(Thursday)
Srivari Paruveta Utsavam/Goda Devi Parinayam January 16, 2015(Friday)
Ratha Saptami January 26, 2015(Monday)
Srivari Teppotsavam
(Float Festival)
March 1, 2015(Sunday) Punarvasu Ekadasi March 5, 2015
(Thursday) Full Moon Day
Koil Thirumanjanam
[This year 2015, Five Times due to Adhika Masa(Ashada Masam). Otherwise Four Times in a Year]
1) March 17, 2015; 2) July 14, 2015; 3)September 15, 2015; 4)October 13, 2015 and  5)December 15, 2015
Srivari Vasanthotsavam April 2, 2015(Thursday) April 4, 2015(Saturday) Full Moon Day. Lunar Eclipse(4:30pm to 5:00pm)
Sri Padmavathi Srinivasa Parinayam April 27, 2015(Monday) April 29, 2015(Wednesday).
Srivari Jyesthabhishekam June 1, 2015(Monday) June 3, 2015(Wednesday)
Anivara Asthanam Festival & Pushpa Pallaki July 17, 2015(Friday). Dakshinayanam begins @3:28pm
Srivari Pavitrotsavam August 24, 2015(Monday) August 27, 2015(Thursday)
Srivari Adhika Masa Brahmotsavams September 16, 2015(Wednesday) September 24, 2015(Thursday)
Lord Balaji Annual Navaratri Brahmotsavams October 14, 2015(Wednesday) October 22, 2015(Thursday). VIJAYA DASAMI (DUSHEERA)
Deepavali Asthanam
(On the day of Deepavali Festival)
November 11, 2015(Wednesday)
Srivari Pushpa Yagam November 18, 2015(Wednesday)
Karthika Deepotsavam November 25, 2015(Wednesday). Karthika Pournima
Adhyanaotsavam - Alwar Divya Prabandhan 
(for 25 days)
December 10, 2015(Thursday) January 3, 2016(Sunday)
Dhanurmasam Festival December 17, 2015(Thursday) January 15, 2016(Friday)
(2nd time in 2015 as per HIndu Calendar)
December 21, 2015(Monday)

Tirumala Temple Pushkarini
December 22, 2015(Tuesday)
Tirumala Temple Monthly Pournima Garuda Vahana Seva Dates 2015

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