Sunday 22 March 2015

Shri Amarnathi Yatra 2015 Online Helicopter Tickets Booking Service Procedure. Helicopter Ticket Fare(Cost) Details

Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board(SASB) announced Online Booking of Helicopter Tickets details for Amarnath Yatra 2015. Online Helicopter Booking services commenced  on March 20, 2015(Friday) at 10:00am onwards. Yatris who wish to avail Helicopter Services for Shri Amarnath Yatra 2015 are not required to seek advance registration through 430 designated banks.

Shri Amarnath Yatra 2015 Dates:
In the year 2015, Amarnath Yatra 2015 shall begin on July 2, 2015(Thursday), an auspicious day of PURSHOTAM PURNIMA  and ends on the day of Shravana Purnima (Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi Poornima) which is on August 29, 2015(Saturday). The duration of the yatra for the year 2015 is 59 days  
This year 2015 also, SASB provides Online Helicopter Service via two routes....
  1. Route1: Neelgrath(Baltal)-Phajtarni-Neelgrath(Baltal) and
  2. Route2: Pahalgam-Phatjtarni-Pahalgam
  • Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited( and M/S Global Vectra Helicorp Private Limited (  are the Helicopter Service providers on Neelgrath(Baltal)-Phajtarni-Neelgrath(Baltal) route  and 
  • M/S Himalayan Heli Services Private Limited( is the Helicopter service provider on Pahalgam-Phatjtarni-Pahalgam route.
Online Helicopter Ticket Booking procedure - Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2015:
  • Logon to the websites of Helicopter Service Providers as mentioned above here.
  • Book Your Ticket and confirm the Yatra Date.
  • At the time of boarding the helicopter at Neelgrath or Phalgham routes, Yatris should produce the required Compulsory Health Certificates(CHC) issued by authorized Doctors/Institutes.  CHC's issued after February 10, 2015 are only vaild.

Helicopter Fare per Passenger(Yatri) via Pahalgam route:
S.No           Route                                           Ticket Fare per Passenger
1           Pahalgam to Phajtarni (Two-Way)          Rs.8380
2           Pahalgam to Phajtarni (One-Way)          Rs.4190
3           Phajtarni to Pahalgam (One-Way)          Rs.4190

Helicopter Fare per Passenger(Yatri) via Baltal route:
S.No           Route                                                       Ticket Cost per Passenger
1           Neelgrath(Baltal) to Phajtarni (Two-Way)                 Rs.3900
2           Neelgrath(Baltal) to Phajtarni (One-Way)                 Rs.1950
3           Phajtarni to Neelgrath(Baltal) (One-Way)                 Rs.1950

Amarnath Yatra Route Map:

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