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Srivilliputhur Sri Andal(Goda Devi) Temple Timings and Address

Srivilliputhur Sri Andal Temple is the abode of Sri Rangamannar with consort Sri Andal and Garudazhwar.It is believed that Sri Andal(also known as Goda Devi) is an incarnation of Goddess Bhudevi. Sri Andal Temple in Her birth place Srivilliputhur is an ancient shrine and rich in its architectural works. There are many festivals which are being celebrated throughout the year. Among them, Sri Andal Jayanthi festival, Sri Andal ThiruKalyanam festival and Margazhi festival are most important and famous. 

Sri Andal Temple is located in Srivilliputhr of Virudhunagar district, Tamilnadu. 

The shrine of Sri VatapathraSayee is located adjacent to Sri Andal shrine within temple compound.These two temples are connected each other by the flower garden in between them. One can reach Sri VatapatraSayee temple through this garden. The VadapathraSayee Temple is also called as Periya Perumal Temple. 

Srivilliputhur Sri Andal Temple Timings:
The shrines of Sri Andal and Sri Periya Perumal are opened from 6:30am to 1:00pm and from 4:00pm to 9:00pm for darshan in the temple town of Srivilliputhur. There will be special extended timings for darshan during the important annual festivals and in the month of Margazhi(December/January).  
Main Important Annual Festivals:  Every month is a festival look in the holy temple of Sri Andal. The most important festivals which are being celebrated are 
  • Sri Andal Jayanthi Celebrations(ThiruAdiPooram):During the month of Aadi(July/August) -10days,
  • Sri Andal Wedding Festival: During the month of Panguni(March/April),
  •  Margazhi Festival: Recites Sri Andal’s Thiruppavai in front of the Lord during the month of Margazhi(Decmeber/Janauary). 
If any information is required about Srivilliputhur temple, devotees shall contact the following addressThe Executive Officer,
Srivilliputhur Andal Temple,
Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu.
Website: and email:

Unique Significance of Sri Andal Temple:
  1. It is a tradition followed here that the flower garland of Goddess Andal is sent to Tirumala Temple, Andhrapradesh one day before the annual brahmotsavam of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. Like wise the lord's garland of Tirumala Temple is sent to wedding ceremony of Sri Andal with Sri Rangamannar in the month of Panguni(March/April).
  2. The lord of SriRangam also wears the Garland of Goddess Andal during Chithirai festival in Madurai.

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