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The Birth Story of Sri Andal(Goda Devi). Her Literature Works: Thiruppavai and Nachiyar Thirumozhi

Srivilliputhur is the birth place of Sri Goda Devi. It is believed that She is an incarnation of Goddess Sri Bhudevi. She is the only female alwar of the 12 Alwar Saints. Sri Andal's Temple is located in Srivilliputhur, Virudhunagar district, Tamilnadu.

Birth Story of Sri Goda Devi: 
Vishnuchittan was born to Brahmin Couple MukundaCharya and Padmamma in SriVilliputhur. He grew up to be a great devotee to the Lord VatapathraSayee. He learned all the scriptures in his childhood and decided to serve the Lord. He got married but he was not blessed with children. Vishnuchittan who had been affectionately called PERIYA ALWAR/PERIYAZHVAR 

One fine day, Vishnuchittan found a little pretty girl baby in his Tulasi garden by the grace of VatapathraShayi. He named the baby girl ‘Kodhai’(In Tamil which means String of Flowers). In Sanskrit, ‘Kodhai’ means ‘Goda’ and other meaning ‘Veda’. It is believed that the day on which Vishnuchittan  found 'Goda' is AadiPooram and this auspicious day is celebrated as Sri Andal's Jayanthi.
(Aadi means Tamil month(July/August) and pooram means Nakshatram)

Vishnuchittai teaches her the stories of Ramayanam, Mahabharat and also delivers the beauty and divine exploits of Lord Krishna. As she grew, her love towards the Lord is intensified. She decided to marry only Sri Ranganatha(the Progenitor of SriKrishna). Sri Andal used to wear ‘Flower Garlands’ that are kept ready for the Lord and stands before mirror to find out whether she is suitable bride for the Lord or not. Vishnuchittan saw this and advised her not to do this again. But she was continued to do this always. 

Goda Becomes Sri Andal (or) Sri Goda Devi: 
The Lord appeared in Peryia Alwar dream and told him that it gives Him great pleasure to wear the garlands which were worn by Goda and the Lord ordered him to bring his foster daughter Goda to SriRangam where He would accept Her. Goda reached SriRangam and entered Sanctum Sanctorum with the Lord bessings. She became One with the Lord and becomes Sri ANDAL, the Shoodikodutha Nachiyar. 

This auspicious day is celebrated as ‘Sri Andal Wedding Mahotsavam with the Lord Sri Rangamannar’ during the Pangumi month of Tamil(March/April) in Sri Andal’s Temple, Srivilliputhur, Tamilnadu. 

Sri Andal presented two types of garlands with great devotion to the Lord. 
  1. Poo Mala(a Flower Garland),
  2. Poo Malai(Garland of Poems) – Expressing Her Great Love and devotion towards the Lord. 
Sri Andal’s Classical Literature to the World: 
Sri Andal had given two bunches of Poems for the world of Humanity. Her classical works in Tamil Literature are 
  1. Thiruppavai – 30 beautiful Flowery Verses,
  2. Nachiyar Thirumozhi – 143 Flower verses. 
Her Poems depict a beautiful description of Nature. She teaches the world about Tava(Supreme Truth), Hita(the way of attaining it) and Purushartha(Supreme Goal). She teaches Us that how we develop good qualities(Atma Gunas) which are most important for development of Mankind. 

Andal’s Thiruppavai and Nachiyar Thirumozhi are recited in front of the Lord during the month of Margazhi(December/January) in all Vaishnava Temples with great devotion. 

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